Why Brandon Florida Might Become Your Favorite Vacation Destination

As you are deciding to take a trip to Florida, and planning your itinerary, part of your travel plans should include Brandon. It is a location that will often have many rentals, hotels, and a multitude of different activities that you can do. It is very close to popular locations on the West Coast of Florida including St. Petersburg and Tampa. If you have not been here in a few years, or if you have never been there at all, here are the reasons that you should make this one of your vacation destinations.

What Can You Do Once You Get To Brandon?

The first place that you should go if you just want to acclimate to this area is the All Person’s Rotary Park. This is where some people will take their kids just to unwind as they begin their day, and then they will move on to other locations. You might want to do a little bit of shopping once you arrive in that can be done at the Westfield Brandon Mall, one of the nicest malls on the West Coast of Florida. From there, you might be a little bit hungry. You can head over to the Pinot’s Palette, or O’Tooles Irish Pub, both of which have great food and drinks.

How To Make Sure Your Stay Is Affordable

Brandon has quite a few nice places that you can stay, many of which are under $100 a night. You can take advantage of the affordable rates at the Holiday Inn. There is also in Embassy Suites and several other hotels, all of which are very nice to stay at. If you are booking your trip while you are looking at flights and rental cars, you can get excellent deals on hotels that will become part of the package. Because of its proximity to Tampa, it might be hard to find a place if you are booking your vacation a few weeks before you depart. Therefore, try doing this a few months in advance.

Brandon is in a prime location, one that allows you to be close enough to Tampa Bay without having to be in the city. It also gives you the ability to travel to other destinations such as Lakeland and Clearwater Florida, both of which are beautiful places to go because of your access to the water. Start planning your trip today and in the next few months, you are going to have a fantastic vacation in Brandon.